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Waxing – Hair Removal
Chicago, IL

Traditional Hair Removal

Hair Removal Done Right

Waxing is a great choice for an instant non-invasive refresh.

It’s a wonderful way to reveal our natural, beautiful skin that gives us confidence and enhances our natural beauty. Our aesthetician is highly skilled in helping you determine the best shaped brow arch that will shape your face.

If you want to remove unwanted hair elsewhere – you’re in skilled hands in comfortable surroundings with effective results. Waxed areas stay softer and smoother longer than shaving as hair is removed from the follicle rather than the surface.

With your freshly smoothed skin you will be ready for anything.

What Do I Need to Prepare For My Waxing Service?

Before coming in for your waxing, you should let your hair grow out for about two or three weeks, at the very least. Having your hair a bit longer is necessary for all hair removal services.

Make sure you don’t apply moisturizer beforehand, as it may make the wax less effective.  For that same reason, make sure you don’t use any facial scrubs or abrasives for a full week prior to waxing.

If you are also interested in laser skin rejuvenation or a chemical peel, you may need to wait a few weeks between these treatments and your waxing.

I just had Botox/Filler/Laser Treatment. Can I Get A Waxing Too?

Every situation is different, and you should ask our aesthetician directly if you are interested in combining procedures.  In general, you want to avoid combining these treatments on the same day, as the waxing process may irritate the skin, shift the filler or cause some other negative effect.

After a bit of time, however, you can come back in for your waxing after your treatment.

Can I Get A Wax Treatment When I Pregnant?

Yes! It is perfectly safe for you and your baby. Just bear in mind that you may experience greater sensitivity than you would normally.

How Should I Care For The Area After Waxing?

Avoid sun exposure and products that contain alcohol or acids or strong chemicals as they may cause irritation or scabbing within the first 24 hours.