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Pure by EndyMed™

Cutting Edge Skin Resurfacing

The Magic Skin-Tightening Wand

Pure by EndyMed™ will make you feel like you’re walking out of the future.

It’s a cutting edge technology that deeply targets collagen fibers without the use of heat, lasers, incisions or injections. This device uses radio waves to target the collagen fibers that support your face and keep it looking young.

This brand new technology improves on lasers, as it reduces side effects and eliminates the need for cooling.

When getting a Pure by EndyMed™ treatment, a wand will make contact with your skin that will reduce roughness and eliminate dark blemishes and birth marks.  At the very same time, the wand treats your skin with deep heating that reduces wrinkles and scars.

And when you’re done using this futuristic technology, you’ll walk right back into your daily life looking and feeling great.

Can I Combing Pure by EndyMed™ With Fillers?

Since Pure by EndyMed™ uses radio waves, the depth of the treatment can be changed during your session.  In some cases, this means you can combine treatments, so long as the proper adjustments have been made.

In most cases, however, you likely want to space these treatments out by at least a few weeks.  The best course of action is to ask Dr. Cohen or Aggie about combining these procedures during your consultation.

How Long Will It Take To Recover?

This treatment requires very little recovery time.  In most cases, you can return to work on the same day.  The exact recovery time will vary from person to person.  The best way to get a recovery time estimate is to ask about recovery on your free consultation.

When Will I Notice Results?

You should notice immediate improvements and long term results, which is why Pure by EndyMed™ is an ideal choice for all skin types and colors.