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How to Fix Your Droopy Eyelids

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that repairs droopy eyelids. As you age, the skin around your eyes may become loose and begin to sag. The muscles that support your eyelids also weaken as one ages which causes the droopy eye look.  This procedure helps to improve the look of the skin around your eyes.

Why It’s Done

Blepharoplasty might be an option for you if sagging eyelids keep your eyes from opening completely or pull down on your lower lids. Removing excess tissue from your upper eyelids can drastically improve your vision as well as the way you feel. This procedure can all help you control the appearance of your lower eyelids and improve the contour of your entire face.

What to Expect

Blepharoplasty is normally done as an outpatient operation. Your surgeon will inject a numbing medication into your eyelids and most likely will administer intravenous medication to help you relax. There will be an incision made along the fold of the upper eyelid, where excess skin, muscle, and fat will be removed. For a lower blepharoplasty in Lakeview, an incision is made below the lashes and removes excess fat, muscles, and sagging skin.


Since this is an outpatient procedure, you will need a family member or friend to take you home after your procedure. After the surgery, you may temporarily have a few side effects, such as blurred vision, watering eyes, light sensitivity, double vision, puffiness, swelling and bruising and pain or discomfort.

Post-Procedure Care

To best avoid these side effects, you should use ice packs for 10 minutes every hour the night after surgery and then four to five times per day on the days following the surgery. You should avoid rubbing your eyes, strenuous activities and should wear dark sunglass to protect the skin of your eyelids. Remember to avoid smoking and aspirin as this could affect your healing process. You should expect to have some bruising and swelling for 7-10 days after the procedure. Dr. Cohen suggests that after your blepharoplasty in Lakeview, you should allow yourself 10 days of recovery time.

If your eyelids keep your eyes from opening completely or make you uncomfortable, it may be time to consider a blepharoplasty in Lakeview. Request a consultation with Dr. Adam J Cohen for a blepharoplasty. During this consultation, he will advise you on the best combination of procedures to improve the way you feel and look your best. Call or visit us online to schedule your consultation.