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Eyelid Surgery in Lakeview

What You Should Know

They say that the eyes are the window to your soul. But what if you aren’t happy with the appearance of your eyes because of drooping, sagging eyelids? This is a tell-tale sign of aging but is also apparent when you are tired. Some people may even have functional problems with their eyelids, making it difficult to not only feel confident but to use their eyes properly or comfortably.

Eyelid surgery in Lakeview, also referred to as blepharoplasty,can be performed on both the upper and lower lids to create a more youthful-looking appearance. As the skin is tightened, the skin surrounding your eyes will be less droopy, even to the point that it will completely change the shape of your eye once your face has fully healed. Eyelid surgery can also give you a more youthful contour on your face.

The Procedure Itself

You can opt to get an upper blepharoplasty, a lower blepharoplasty or both. If your eyelids are drooping into your eyes and obstructing your view, an upper blepharoplasty is ideal. If your lower eyelids are sagging into your cheeks, consider a lower blepharoplasty instead. Depending on the procedure, a small incision will be made within the natural crease of the eyelid. Then, our surgeons will remove any excess skin and reposition or remove excess fat. The incisions will then be closed, and the healing process will begin.

The Recovery Process

After your eyelid surgery in Lakeview is completed, you can expect to have some swelling and bruising around your eyes for up to 10 days after your surgery. For example, many people choose to have surgery on a Friday and take the following week of work off to allow for 10 full days of recovery. Lubricating ointment and cold compresses can help aid your recovery process. Make sure to protect your eyes from the sun after your surgery and during your recovery process with tinted sunglasses.

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