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Cheek Implants
Chicago, IL

Fill out sunken cheeks.

Fuller, Perfectly Shaped Cheeks

Throughout our lives, we do what we can to stay healthy. Eating a balanced diet, staying fit, and avoiding stress can do a lot to maintain your features as the years pass by. Eventually, we all lose the battle against gravity. The elastin and collagen fibers weaken, meaning that skin will no longer stretch and spring back in the same way. This can cause a ‘sunken’ or aged appearance in the cheek area.

By restoring volume to your face with cheek implants, you can have the beautiful face of your youth. Dr. Adam J. Cohen is a leading provider of facial implants for men and women in Chicago, Glenview, and Collierville.

The Cheek Implant Procedure

The cheek implant procedure (also referred to as cheek augmentation) begins with an exam and consultation with Dr. Cohen. Together, we will discuss your aesthetic goals, expectations, and any other surgeries you are considering. If cheek implants in Chicago are recommended by our doctor, we will plan to move forward with the surgery.

Cheek implantation is a relatively simple procedure. Dr. Cohen will make an incision near the top of your mouth, near the gum line. He will then slide the implant into the correct position under your cheek through this opening.

Recovery and Results

The recovery period from cheek implant surgery can last 4-6 months, with many factors affecting each individual’s own process. During the first month, some people experience significant swelling and take on a ‘puffy’ appearance. Icing your cheeks and limiting strenuous activity can also help reduce these effects. If you don’t want some people to know you’ve had surgery, you can pass this symptom off as the aftereffects of a root canal.

The final shape will be revealed as healing progresses in the 4-5 months that follow.Dr. Cohen is there to support you at every step of the way, in case you have any questions as you go through your recovery. When you’re beyond the recovery period, your new look will last for decades.

Are Cheek Implants Permanent?

Cheek implants are permanent and will last a lifetime. They are very predictable and will provide you with lasting benefits into old age. Because of the permanent nature of cheek implants, it’s important to consider how your facial features have aged—and will continue to age—beyond your surgery.

Dr. Cohen has a very deep understanding of facial anatomy and how it changes over time. He will be able to give you direct advice as to how your cheeks will look not just in the near future, but in the decades to come.

Comparing Other Common Procedures

Fat transfers, fillers, and cheek implants in Chicago can all be used to plump hollow, sunken cheeks. There are key differences that might make one a better choice for your goals over the others. After examining your face and learning about your long-term goals, Dr. Cohen will recommend a solution to improve your facial aesthetics.

The procedure for cheek implants is surgical, and therefore more intensive than injectable fillers and fat transfers. The results of fillers and fat transfers face with time, which can be a selling point to those looking for a low-commitment solution. However, these options can become expensive with the repeat visits necessary to maintain the look as long as you enjoy it.

Do Men Get Cheek Implants in Chicago?

Yes. It’s not uncommon for men to get cheek implants. Naturally, a loss of facial fullness can affect any face, and a more contoured visage appeals to both men and women. Cheek implants for men can be used to restore youthfulness or provide a more chiseled shape.

Can Cheek Implants Lift Jowls?

When a person’s facial skin begins to sag, the effect can be clear around the edges of the face. This extra skin (‘jowls’) will often be somewhat lifted by cheek implants depending on the person’s unique features. Oftentimes, a person may be better off addressing this issue with a facelift or neck lift.

Learn Your Options

Don’t just look through cheek implants before-and-after pictures, wondering what you could look like—let’s start a conversation. Dr. Cohen can help you understand what the benefits of cheek implants could be for you, and how they would fit into the life-long journey of preserving your good looks. Our office provides a wide variety of other complementary cosmetic surgeries and procedures, including eyelid surgery, FaceTite, and dermal fillers.