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Benefits of Receiving a Neck Lift in Glenview, IL

June 27, 2022 ajcohenmd

If you look in the mirror and don’t feel confident about the way your neck looks or don’t like that it ages you, there are solutions! Sagging skin, a double …

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How to Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

December 15, 2021 ajcohenmd

If you want to have smooth, hair-free skin without going through the hassle of shaving, laser hair removal could be a great option for you. After a few treatments, the …

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Reasons to Enhance Your Lips with Natural Lip Fillers

April 29, 2021 ajcohenmd

Lip injections are a cosmetic procedure used to increase the fullness of the lips through the use of lip fillers such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, or fat. While modern medicine …

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What To Expect When Recovering From A Facelift In Lakeview

January 20, 2020 ajcohenmd

Lakeview patients often ask what they should expect during the recovery process after undergoing a facelift. Although everyone will have a different recovery experience, most facelift procedures are similar in …

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Myths about Facelifts: How to Know If It is Right for You

January 14, 2020 ajcohenmd

If you’re considering a facelift and you’re in Lakeview or surrounding communities, Dr. Adam J. Cohen would first like to clear up some of the myths about this procedure. Five …

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